Impactlive started life back in the early 90’s, as a FM pirate station its founder Alex Kerr has always been passionate about radio and gained some great on air experience while setting up the station.

He already worked in the media and found it stuck in its ways, so decided to go it on his own. Back in the 80’s he worked at Radio Clyde Glasgow and then joined the local hospital radio service, sometimes working on both stations.

The the transmitter bug got a hold and he set up his first FM pirate and called it Impact FM. It broadcast every weekend during the summer in his local town on 101.9, just as classic fm radio was being launched. In 1998 he launched Impact FM online using dial up which was a nightmare, but it went LIVE and was featured in the local press at the time. Fast forward a few years to June 2003, his passion was supported by a group of people who helped him launch an RSL on FM for the month, it was a great success and in fact you can hear some sound files by clicking the “RSL2003” button on the page. Changing the name to Impactlive in 2003 for the RSL the station continued to broadcast online till this very day. People came and went which is normal for the radio industry but it never put him off he pushed and moved forward. Today 2018 the station has a revamped website, which Alex also looks after. 2017 saw the partnership of an old school pal David Woods who helps supports Alex and the station. So sit back and enjoy the shows. If you want to broadcast a LIVE show on the station you would be made very welcome.

Alex Kerr – During an FM broadcast 2003