Alex Kerr – Founder of Impactlive

Impactlive started broadcasting on the internet back in April 2001, LIVE from Alex home in Banbury. But it was soon noticed that there was a need for a local community radio service run by the local community.
The first studio base Impactlive had was in the Colin sanders innovation centre in the town. It was from there in a very small room that Banbury’s First Internet Radio went onto FM during June 2003 on 106.4 for 28 days as Banbury had been placed on the working list for towns to apply for a local radio licence.

A small team was formed and every presenter on the station had never worked on radio before, even for the big media companies who suddenly moved into the town, because there is money in running a radio station and those big boys wanted some.

Impactlive wanted a Community FM station not an ILR station, community stations are operated for and by the local community. We felt that Banbury was not big enough to support a full commercial radio station, and we were right!  Today Banbury still has NO FM radio station BASED in Banbury, yes there are a few online radio, who copied us but  the winner of the FM licence was a big media group, who tried to operate from the town but found it no good, as we said so, now they broadcast from a media centre nowhere near Banbury. That is the way local radio works now from big media centres, liked Fox FM who were based in Oxford and very successful, until it was bought and moved to a media centre. So, there is NO REAL local radio anymore.
Being a community group our funds we very low so we could not apply for the licence as it was far too expensive, so we decided to stay online, and although others have followed, we were the pioneers that started this in Banbury,