Internet radio has the potential to be the most ubiquitous form of media ever. More commanding of your attention than film, television, or books. This is because listening to music can be enjoyed while doing other activities. Before I go further, let me make an important distinction: there are two types of listeners, lean back and lean forward. Lean back listeners hear music programming via a playlist or radio station (think “set it and forget it”), whereas lean forward listeners actively select individual songs. The majority of people prefer a lean back experience.

In 2014, one third of Americans used their phones to stream music. Young adults (18-24) listened to internet radio more than terrestrial. Two of the top five most popular apps in America (Pandora and Youtube) are used for streaming music. With Americans now spending more time on their phones than watching television, there has never been a more opportune time to maximize internet radio experiences.

Source: Forbes

ImpactLive is a global station which broadcasts 24 hours with no geolock, which means anyone in the world can listen. We use the latest cloud system which insures no downtime and no loss of output. Because we offer a selection of music genres we have listeners in from ALL age groups. Our Latest listener stats for the passed month (Feb 2018) was 11,346 this is growing every month. This is an ideal opportunity for your business to gain more customers.

We can play your commercial every hour depending on length from £10 per month

Show sponsor £20* per month – for a 2 hour LIVE show weekly**

Fully produced audio productions from £50 and yours to keep.

The above pricing is on a 3 month commitment.

12 month discounts are available.

To sign up or to find our more please contact us.


Payment by Cash, paypal or bank transfer

*estimated air plays maybe a lot more
**3 months paid in advance